Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C4350 User Manual

Xerox C4350 Drivers

Printer Environment Printer Environment This section describes the environments where this printer can be used. Before using the printer, be sure to read this guide for good performance and effective use. Never touch the safety switch. If Direction is Vertical, paper can be punched or stapled on the long edge.

The print data that remains in this printer is being ejected. If this button is pressed when the printer is saving power, the printer stops sav- ing power.

Follow the operations described in the User Guide. Multiple sheets are fed at a time. It can cause an explosion and you can get burnt.


To prevent this, contact our Cus- tomer Support Center for adjustment. Fan sheets well before loading them again. Hold the used waste toner container firmly with both hands and lift it into the empty box. This guide is written with the new user in mind. Presentation Can print documents with colors adjusted to vivid colors.

Fuji Xerox confirms DocuPrint C satisfies the requirements for this program. Use only consumables recommended by Xerox for the machine. Fuji Xerox shares the global concern about environmental conservation and has integrated that concern. An engineer from Fuji Xerox will replace the periodic replacement parts. Necessary memory capacity may differ according to printer drivers.


Xerox c4350 drivers

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C4350 User Manual

Xerox c4350 drivers

For example, we have totally eliminated. Check the Internet address again. If the paper is torn, check whether any pieces of paper are left inside the printer. Is the correct Internet address entered?

Switch off the machine immediately, and contact our Cus- tomer Support Center. Cyan toner cartridge needs to be replaced soon. Alert Tone Set whether to activate the alert when there is something wrong with this machine. Refer to the memory capacity on the list below for printing command.

Hold the center section of the new waste toner container and push the container in as far as possible while making sure that the center section is properly aligned. The safety switch activates to stop the machine operation when the front doors are opened or the finisher is disconnected from the main body by being moved to the right direction. While this printer is processing a print request from a com- puter, it rejects print requests from other computers. This printer is in an off-line state or in the menu setting mode. In this manual, safety instructions are preceded by the symbol.

Xerox c4350 drivers

Otherwise, it can cause fire or electric shocks. Since this printer is compatible with multiple protocols, it can be shared among the printers installed in different network environments. Ejecting the print data from the control panel allows you to interrupt reception of print data and empty the receive buffer. Used for items that if not followed strictly, can cause injuries to user or damages to printer. To make these settings, display the Graphic Properties screen.

Xerox c4350 drivers

Here, canon imageclass d1320 driver we describe setting for middle density M of gradation preferred for cyan as an example. Symptom Cause Action Print is too light The paper is damp.

Output tray Printed sheets of paper are ejected here. Confirm the settings necessary for setting up the printer environment with reference to the chart below. Prepare a new waste toner bottle. This library is free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as the follow- ing conditions are aheared to. Enter the time in hour form.