VW Golf Central Locking only opens driver door

Vw Golf Central Locking Only Opens Drivers Door

My previous tdi estate oem type build thing. You can use a multimeter and just check the continuity between the plug there and the big one on the window motors. Try checking the rubber boot that the wires that go into your door run through, look and see if there is any damage to the wires inside the boot, if so you just saved yourself a ton of cash.

VW Golf Central Locking only opens driver door

VW Golf Central Locking only opens driver door

When i use the key in the passenger side door it opens just itself but when i lock it, it just locks itself, unlike the drivers door which locks all doors. The drivers side door as totally died it wont open from the inside or outside. If i press it a second time, the rear two doors and the boot unlock.

Of course pressing lock will lock all doors as again a security measure. Hand the fob to the guy who'll be getting in the driver's door. Im pretty sure that the issue with the passenger side door is the notorious faulty soldering on the lock control mechanism, but thats another issue. To mend any household, kitchen, or other electrical appliance start here. Finally when key is turned all the way to the right or left its meant to wind up or roll down all windows, this happens sometimes but not all the time?

The doors on the the golf are set that one press on the remote unlock button on the key fob opens only the drivers door and two presses opens all other doors. Very common to go in golfs. The central locking system on my Golf is not working properly. My car has got no fob key operated central locking, toshiba qosmio f30 drivers when you open the drivers side door only the boot opens all the other doors have to be opened from the inside. My central locking when using the remote key has stopped opening all the doors and is only allowing me to open the drivers door.

Central locking - key opens driver door only but locks all doors

This can be reset by connecting a vag-com to the car via a lap top any vw dealer can do this but this does cost money. If so, fix it, your new parts won't last a year if you dont.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Find More Posts by sackman. Try to include as much detail as possible. The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you. Simply disconnecting the positive to the computer and reconnecting it solved the problem.

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My central locking has gone in all doors and only the boot opens, what could this be? The other doors worked fine, but when the central locking on the other rear door started playing up I disconected it. Looking for some advice on my central locking. One press will only open drivers door. If I use the key in the door lock and turn twice it opens all doors.

Central locking - key opens driver door only but locks all doors
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Patriot Self Defense is the better on line program, a distinctive plan that helps you in that most vitally thing -keep safe. When i lock the driver door, all the doors including the boot lock as they shud. Have also heard this could be the solders in the door opening mechanism inside the door. Anyway check the number on yours first. Plugged it in and still getting the same problem.

At least i know whats causing it now. The problem i have is that when i physically put the key into the door and turn it, only the drivers door opens and the others stay locked. This comes from the Ross Tech wiki. Key fob only unlocks drivers door.

Vw golf central locking only opens drivers door

When I press the key on my remote to open the doors only the passenger side door seems to unlock and not the rest. This was on Passat estate. Key only unlocks driver door.

VW Golf Central Locking only opens driver door

However the fob does close all the doors? When i put the key in the drivers door and open it, just the driver door unlocks. Will try as soon as I get my Jetta back from a turbo replacement. It's a long shot but might as well try it. If i press the unlock button once, the drivers door unlocks.

Send a private message to sackman. It can be tricky though, you mustn't do it too quickly. Find More Posts by gardingh. Or you can fix the microswitch, but I thinks that won't be easy.

Damn this hot dry sunny weather we're having down here. Most of the times is will be the microswitch and you'll have to replace the lock. Failure to do so will result in your account being locked out! Driver specific settings with key fob? If so you must reset your password using the I've forgotten my password process.