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To ensure full compatibility and proper function, use only the programming bar codes in this manual and other product-specific publi- cations to program scanner features. Checkstand Mounting Installation Overview Checkstand Mounting There are a number of things to take into account when installing the unit into a checkstand.

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This feature applies when Codabar Length Control is set to fixed- length decoding. The vertical bezel cover is held in place by tabs along its top and side edges. Leave the guide at the checkstand when the installation is complete. If a ventilation fan is installed, one with a removable filter that may be washed or replaced is recommended.

The ideal, ergonomically sound installation allows items to be directed within easy reach, and a scanning area requiring no lifting or special orientation of items. The label voids may be caused by printing defects or physical damage. Included are physical parameters and instructions for checkstand preparation, power and ventilation consider- ations, cable routing information and unit installation. Connect and verify all system operations. Scan the bar code below representing the desired Data Bit setting.

Develop efficient scanning motions, not necessarily faster hand movements. Check local and state require- ments for specific restrictions. Test that you can communicate with the scale. The reset procedure allows you to initiate a reset command to the scanner. The unit has safeguards to prevent this occurrence.

Handheld Data Format Requirements Maximum label lengths will be enforced for label validation i. During power-up, the scale automat- ically re-zeros after verifying that all subsystems are functional. Pounds Calibration Verification U. Momentary when Wakes scanner from Sleep - Moving an object through the scan zone.

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Magellan 8100 driver

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Maximum Host-transmitted Message Length Maximum Host-Transmitted Message Length Specifies the maximum number of data characters allowed in messages transmitted to the host. This special mode disables the scanner interface, meaning that bar code data is not sent out to the host via the scanner interface. Scan the bar code below representing the desired Stop Bit setting. Scanner Diagnostic Mode While in Scanner Diagnostic Mode, continuous scanning of labels is allowed, permitting the user to scan an unlimited number of bar codes while troubleshooting problems. Codabar Length Control Codabar Length Control This feature specifies whether variable-length or fixed-length decoding will be set for Codabar.

Viewing Angle Viewing Angle The optimum viewing angle is directly facing the customer. The scanner will read the add-ons if they are enabled and in the field of view.

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Programming Mode is a state in which the scanner must be placed in order to accept commands via programming bar code labels. This means that you will have two cables connected to the scanner that must be connected to two different serial ports on your computer. Press the Scale Zero Push Button.

DataLogic Magellan Presentation Barcode Scanners

Factory Defaults Appendix F Factory Defaults The following table provides a listing of the most common factory settings for the interfaces shown. The following chart shows the Remote Display messages, the Scale Status lamp indication, the problem that the scale is experiencing and what action should be taken. It can be appended previous to or following the transmitted bar code data depending upon how this option is enabled. Physical Parameters Physical Parameters This section provides specifications for performance, environmental and electrical parameters.

Power Installation Power Installation Reference the wiring diagram in Figure for the recommended fusing arrangement. Scale Country Mode applies only when a scale is enabled. Ensure that distance and obstacles spanned by the routed cable will not kink, pinch or stretch it. These extensions communicate scale calibration information to the host. This Enables routing of serial data through the clipboard buffer so that it inputs as keyboard data.

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Mount the horizontal surface of the scanner flush with the coun- tertop to encourage slide scanning rather than lifting. The failure of the facet wheel motor while the unit is continuing to emit a laser beam causes the emission levels to exceed those for inherently safe operation. Until such time as the adaptive scale is installed, epson aculaser m2400 printer drivers the four spacers should be left in place to ensure that the Platter rests evenly at its correct height when positioned on the scanner.

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These specially-configured Platters are provided for customers wishing to add an adaptive scale to their unit at a later date. Power-up Beep Control Power-up Beep Control Specifies the type of audible indication that is made when entering scan- ner-active mode on power-up. Set the Autostart to True so that it will automatically start when the computer starts.

For normal operation of the interface, disable this feature. Disabled is the recommended setting for all interfaces. Refer- ence the other sections as required for information about scanner or scanning-scale installation, operation, maintenance, calibration and bar code programming. Once you are talking to the scale, setup the scale in RetailEdge. The remainder of this section describes these failure indications and includes troubleshooting flowcharts to help isolate the problem.

DataLogic Magellan Presentation Barcode Scanners

This applies when Code Length Control is set to fixed-length decoding. Length in this case includes check and data characters, but does not include start or stop characters.