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Geovision Hardware Drivers V 8.34

Then restart the Main System for the mode to take effect. Specifies the playback software for monitor events. An inset window will also display the magnified image of the tracked object. Note one camera can only be added to one storage group.

Clique para especificar o tempo inativo. Appears if objects miss from a defined camera view.

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The smaller image size means higher video compression and smaller file size, thus extending the recording capacity. Especifica o intervalo entre as imagens pop-up quando ocorre um evento. Carrega todos os arquivos de evento gravados. Appears if there are objects entering a defined region.

Specifications of the Hybrid solution. Specify the interval between live video pop-ups. It supports a number of advanced settings that allow experienced users to adjust the encoding process.

Use the mouse to outline a region matching the normal size of the targeted object. Selecione o formato e tamanho da imagem na lista suspensa. Sets the time to delay the activation of the specified output module. Use the control tabs to switch among them.

Use the mouse to outline an object in the right image, and observe if it is magnified in the left image clearly. After the extraction, the recorded files will be composed of key frames only.

Exporta os arquivos de registro do sistema arquivos. You can setup certain users to have different access than others, such as a manager being able to access all the cameras and an employee be able to access only a drive threw camera. For related settings, see, Invoke to Send Alerts and options earlier this chapter. Avoids interlace of the odd and even video lines. When the camera scan feature is enabled, the scanned view will show on the central.

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Only Supervisor account level is pre-set with access to the Password Setup function. Appears if the camera is physically tampered with. Para abrir o painel, siga as seguintes etapas. The option is only available when you have created at least two supervisor accounts.

This function will take effect at next system startup. This button is only available after you change the default video resolution see Setting Video Source and Resolution later in this chapter.

Clique para testar o sinal para o dispositivo selecionado. Changes the color of the panel. The system allows you to send a custom sound file to the telephone. Video streaming port number. Appears when a user starts or stops Twin Server.

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Envie esse arquivo de dados para a GeoVision em sales geovision. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of GeoVision. We have developed a batch file which, when run, will open up all necessary ports needed for GeoVision Network Options, conexant high definition audio driver e. Includes the latest Geovision Surveillance Software!

Selecionar entrada Aplicar a todas as entradas. This button is used to switch the direction and scheme of counting. The red arrow indicates an in direction. For the monitor display ratio supported by each panel resolution, see Appendix H.

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For convenient management, you can also save one or multiple sets of configurations and apply them according to your needs. Clique para especificar o tempo de rastreamento. And define whether the weekend includes Saturday or not. If a file is in playback when it is supposed to be compacted, the compacting will not occur.

Geovision hardware drivers v 8.34

The set schedule will be displayed on the Schedule List Window. Smaller file size makes backup process faster.

Encontre-o na lateral do emulador. Selecione um tipo de dispositivo para o host. Clique duplamente no programa listado no Gerenciador de Tarefas para trazer de volta o programa para o desktop. For details, see Camera Monitoring later in this chapter.

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After a targeted object stops moving, the image will remain magnified for the number of seconds specified. You will need to set one video streaming of the camera to be higher than the other streaming.