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2003 Dodge Dakota Driver Seat

Hey what about going into a dealer and ordering just the lumbar assembly then take your seat apart and put it in. My power seat does the same thing but it only does it on hard accelartion and hard braking.

Ive had anyway without hitting anything. This is a common problem with this truck. Manufacturers rep has looked at it twice. Certainly cheaper than new seats, and if it doesn't work, take it back. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Dodge Dakota Front Seat

The seat would rock and creak, especially over bumps and when stopping. Try looking for Durango seats.

So after another trip they replaced the tracks. They only sell the full seat for around bucks. The original auto part must be returned using the provided shipping label. So, a few months later I took the truck back in again.

Power seat brackets seem loose - Dodge Dakota Forum

This time the tech took several minutes moving the seat back and forth and feeling it rock. Anyone have any ideas of where I can find good replacement front seats? They will need to be replaced before installation. When I bought this truck I loved it.

2003 dodge dakota driver seat

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Dodge Dakota Front Seat

He diagnosed the problem as a bad seat adjuster which has been mentioned in earlier posts. Figols, my seat now is absolutelly perfect. This only after they tried again to piece fix it. The more local you shop, the more you save off the shipping cost. As for the water, it should be coming out of a tube and I would think you could move that tube.

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This was the first Chrysler product I've ever owned and it will be the last. Good luck with your search. Back again, this time they ordered a back frame. Does anyone else have this problem? Seat has been moving since I bought it.

Needless to say Dodge is not on my next truck list. It's too bad, as the Dakota otherwise matches up well with my truck requirements.

Front Seat Components for Dodge Dakota

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Also have Torque converter shudder and squealing brakes on the Dakota. Anyone know if Durango seats would fit the Dakota? Now my driver side seat is broken, so I need to get new ones, and have been looking, but haven't found anything yet. Mine are just a regular bucket seat and i have driver and passenger is that o. This insurance-grade Front Seat, Driver Side is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

My seat now seems completely fixed. They are not back friendly either. Josh, if he is not interested in the seats I am.

Solid as a rock until then. It catches me off guard sometimes and feels like I'm gonna fly back. This insurance-grade Front Seat, Passenger Side is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Front Seat for Dodge Dakota Attention! Still under warranty, though, intel coryville d945gcl driver so Dodge gets to fix it on their dime.

It typically takes us approximately business days to process a credit back to your account and business days for the credit to appear on your account. This insurance-grade Front Seat is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

It was fairly powerful, had all the options I wanted. The fix lasted about one week and now the movement is bad and getting worse. My next more permanent step was to install an electric lumbar kit, but I never got around to it before I got rid of the truck. We do not require a core charge or a return of the old part or engine. Description Warranty Shipping Returns.

The purchased item may need to be repainted, refinished, or reupholstered for proper color match. Now, because the seat adjuster didn't permanently fix the problem, they won't put on another and they have no other solution. If you get a good one who is willing to properly diagnose the problem, usually it will get fixed.

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